June 3, 2023

Russia reported intercepting two NATO spy planes near its borders

On the Russian border in the Black sea, two reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries-France and great Britain — were seen, which were intercepted by a su-30SM fighter. The video of the defense Ministry was published by RIA Novosti.

“The crew of a Russian fighter jet approached the air objects at a safe distance and identified them as a French Navy Atlantic-2 reconnaissance aircraft and a British air force R. 1 sentinel reconnaissance aircraft,” the military Department said in a statement. They stressed that they soon turned around, and the Russian su-30SM returned to the home airfield.

On August 17, it was reported that a Russian su-27SM fighter intercepted a us air force reconnaissance plane over the Baltic sea. In the end, he turned away from the border, the National defense management center of Russia reported. An aerial target near the state’s borders was detected by radar systems.

In the recent activity of the US air force and other NATO countries near Russia’s borders has increased significantly. We are talking about both reconnaissance flights and simple provocations. Messages about new interceptions appear almost every day.