March 31, 2023

In Germany, the threat to the United States due to the “Nord stream-2” was called “the height of arrogance”

The us threats against Nord stream 2 are “the height of arrogance”. This was told in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung mayor of the German city of Sassnitz Frank Kracht.

According to him, the “first arrogance” of the Americans is sanctions against companies whose vessels laid gas pipeline pipes. “The second arrogance” is the threats of us senators against companies and their individual employees who are in any way connected with the Nord stream-2. Kracht called on Germany to prove to the world that it can not be scared, and expressed hope for the speedy completion of the project.

Earlier, the Head of the German Bundestag Committee on energy, Klaus Ernst, said that the possibility of applying to the UN is being studied because of US threats to impose sanctions on the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. According to him, it is unacceptable when one country, for example the United States, prescribes to another sovereign country or the sovereign European Union how to solve the issue of its own energy supply. The politician noted that this ” contradicts any reasonable relationship.”

The US actively opposes the construction of Nord stream 2. At the end of last year, sanctions were imposed on all companies involved in the project, after which the Swiss Allseas was forced to withdraw its pipe-laying company from the Baltic sea. In the future, the restrictions were expanded and included in the us defense budget, including insurance companies that cooperate with construction participants.